Mass Schedule

9 AM and 12 PM
9 AM

Anticipated Mass
of Sunday:

Church: 5 PM

8 AM
9:30 AM (family Mass)
11 AM
12:30 PM
5 PM (Youth Mass)

10:00 AM
11:30 AM
12:45 PM (Español)

Morning Prayer
Weekdays at 7:30 AM


********** Please note ********** Starting Tuesday, after Memorial Day, May 25th, the weekday 11:30 Mass time will be changed to 12:00 to accommodate our funeral services.

Special thanks to the fathers' club for their work on our auditorium windows so we can more easily open and close them when needed for airing during special liturgies and events. And a special thank you for the plantings on the grounds between the Church and Chapel.

Our 1st Communion Class at the May Crowning, Sunday 5/10/2015

MAY 2, AND May 9, 2015

Please pray for our Jesuits and the people in Micronesia. Typhoon Maysak caused severe damage to Chuk and the islands. Xavier's web site is back on line so to get the very latest information click here.

Save the dates for our annual
St. Anthony's Feast
Thursday to Sunday
June 11th to the 14th

Our Volunteers have begun the task of preparing for our annual St. Anthony's feast, sending out the mailings and inviting all to share in the work and festivities.

Holy Week

Jesus is condemned to death 2-Jesus takes up his cross 3-Jesus falls the first time 4-Jesus meets his mother 5-Simon helps Jesus to carry his cross 6-Veronica wipes the face of Jesus 7-Jesus falls the second time
8-Jesus speaks to the women of Jerusalem 9-Jesus falls the 3rd time 10-Jesus is stripped 11-Jesus is nailed to the cross 12-Jesus dies on the cross 13-Jesus is placed in the arms of his mother 14-Jesus is laid in the tomb

Good Friday, April 4, 2015
Veneration of the Cross


Stations of the Cross, Friday, 2/27, sponsored by Bridges Youth Group
Soup Stations

Sunday, February 8
in St. Anthony's Gym

Sign up for Faith Direct to automate your weekly contribution to our offertory collection and help St. Anthony's in a convenient way. For more information and/or to enroll go to Faith Direct and use our Church code, NY581.

Please remember our offertory campaign. If you didn't receive a brochure in the mail you can pick one up in the church. Thank you for helping keeping St. Anthony's a vibrant parish!

Sunday (1/18) 54 teens from our youth ministry returned from their annual retreat at our 5 PM Youth Mass

Our Parish needs more altar servers and volunteers to help us with funerals in the ministry of consolation weekdays when neither school children nor working adults can volunteer. If you are free any weekday mornings, please consider the ministry of consolation and or becoming an altar server. Call our receptionist for more information. Thank you!

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Christian Life Communities




St. Anthony's Church
110 Anchor Ave
Oceanside, NY 11572
Tel: 516.764.0048
Fax: 516.282.2525

Saturdays 4-4:45 PM and at designated services throughout the year.

Alcoholics Anonymous
Sunday, Monday, Thursday at 7:30 PM, in the cafeteria

Narcotics Anonymous
Tuesday at 8 PM, in the cafeteria