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Parish Outreach - St Vincent DePaul


The mission of Parish Outreach at St. Anthony's is to offer a compassionate response to the problems and difficulties of our neighbors, to provide assistance wherever possible and to connect the resources of the community with the needs. The work of Parish Outreach is rooted in the Gospel mandate to love and to serve. It is faith in action.


Parish Outreach Food Pantry
St. Vincent de Paul Food Pantry
Clothing Room
Information and Referral
Collaboration with the St. Anthony Conference of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul
Prayer Connection Ministry

Come and See!


Parish Outreach is located at the Parish Center, Se habla español. The Clothing Room and Food Pantry are open Tuesday-Friday from 10AM to 1 PM. If we can be of service to you, or if you would like to share your time and talents with us, please call (764-0048 x 2530) or visit us in the parish center. Se habla Espanol x2532.


Sr. Frances Monuszko, O.P., Coordinator
Julia Santiago, Program Assistant

"Love consists in sharing what one has and what one is with those one loves. Love ought to show itself in deeds more than in words."
St. Ignatius of Loyola

Theology of Parish Social Ministry

Those who serve in Parish Outreach are the heirs of the diaconate ministry as it was originally established in the early Church. The word deacon derives from the Greek: "diakonos" and means servant, minister or helper. This is the legacy handed down from first century Christianity to those who serve today as Outreach volunteers: our ministry flows from our Baptism and identity as Christians, is rooted in the community and is how we live out our discipleship of Jesus Christ.

Another theological image for the work of Parish Outreach is to be bread for others.”

This image is based upon our understanding of the Eucharist not only as a sacrament to be received but as a process in which we participate; a process which begins at the Liturgy and flows into our daily lives. As we are nourished by our reception of the Body and Blood of Christ, so too must WE then BECOME bread that is broken and shared with others; BECOME wine that is poured out for others.
We must BECOME what we receive and than share that gift and blessing with others. How do we do this? We feed the hungry, clothe the naked, shelter the homeless, and welcome the stranger. We stand in solidarity with those on the margins of our society, with those who are disenfranchised and powerless and vulnerable. We work for justice and we pray for peace.

Outreach embodies and gives life to the concept of walking with, being present to, and listening to those in need. The core of our work is the relationship that is formed between those served and the servant; the concrete need being presented is the opportunity for this relationship to begin, to grow and to develop.

Sister Ita Ford, MM, one of the four Churchwomen martyred in El Salvador in 1980 said it best: "Can I say to my neighbor: I have no solution for this situation, I have no answers, but I want to go with you and look for them with you? Can I allow myself to be evangelized by this opportunity? Am I able to see my own poverty and accept what I learn from others?"

Websites of interest:

Catholic Campaign for Human
Catholic Charities
Catholic Relief
Jesuit Center of
Pax Christi

St. Anthony's Prayer Connection Ministry

As a small faith community we hold in prayer the needs of our parish family.

Each month, requests and intentions which have been dropped into a box in the rear of the Church are collected, typed out and mailed to our Prayer Connection Ministers.

Many of our Ministers are homebound and are able to participate in the life of the parish community by remembering these needs during their prayer time.

I will not
forget you...
I have carved
on the palm
of my hand.

Isaiah 49:15

St Vincent DePaul

The St. Anthony Conference of
The Society of St. Vincent de Paul

The Society of St Vincent de Paul is an international Catholic organization of lay persons founded in 1833 by Frederic Ozanam and his companions. Placed under the patronage of St Vincent de Paul, the Society seeks, in a spirit of justice and charity, through person-to-person involvement of its members, to help those who are suffering.

No work of charity is foreign to the Society. Vincentian helping can include any person-to-person assistance that promotes human dignity and integrity. The Society is concerned not only with relieving need, but also with redressing the situations that cause it. It serves persons in need regardless of age, creed, gender, opinion, origin or race.

Members of the Society refer to themselves as “Vincentians” after their patron St. Vincent de Paul and gather in groups traditionally called “Conferences” which meet regularly and frequently in a spirit of friendship and simplicity. Time is provided at the meetings for spiritual reflection and for sharing of the experiences of a member’s service to the needy. Consideration is then given to individual requests for assistance, disposition of requests, and operating considerations.

The Society has a heritage of lay responsibility and lay action. Management and direction are vested with lay persons. As a self-governing group, the Society has its own rules and regulations. It chooses and conducts its own charitable activities. It elects its own leaders. It manages its own funds and holds itself accountable for their proper use.

The St. Anthony Conference became an official Conference of the Society on November 11, 1969. Presently, it has 17 active members and meets every other Tuesday in the Parish Center. Over 1,000 Oceanside families, in collaboration with Parish Outreach, are served annually in various ways by the Conference. These include payment for rent, utilities, furniture, clothing, medical needs and other contingencies that arise. Over 2000 visits are made annually to our St. Vincent de Paul Food Pantry.

The work of the Conference is made possible and supported by parishioners through year-round donations of food and monetary gifts from funds collected in poor boxes, monthly collection envelopes and memorial donations. The parish supports the St. Anthony’s Bread Booth at the annual Feast, which offers St. Anthony’s Bread for monetary gifts. Our primary fundraiser is the annual Friends of the Poor Walk in the fall. The Conference also works with other service groups such as Oceanside Community Service, Oceanside Interfaith Council and Long Island Cares to help the needy.

For further information about the St. Anthony Conference of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, please contact the President of the Conference, Denise Clarke, through Parish Outreach at 516-764-0048 x 2530.

"You will find that charity is a heavy burden to carry. The poor are your must give them your love. It is only because of your love-only your love-that the poor will forgive you the bread you give them."
St. Vincent de Paul


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